Gunfight between Poland and Belarus at the border

Tension is growing in Eastern Europe. Border guards from Poland and Belarus have a fire fight along the border.

Poland accused Belarus border guards of firing at Polish ones on the border between the two countries. The Minsk government has denied the Warsaw allegations. According to the head of the Polish border guards, Anna Mikhalskaya, on 7 October a Belarusian intelligence patrol fired gunshots at Polish Army soldiers engaged in border patrol operations “to normalize the crisis. migratory. Belarus replied that no member of the Belarusian border guards used firearms. According to data from Polish border authorities, as of October 1, the country has registered more than 3,000 illegal border crossings by migrants of Middle Eastern origin who allegedly passed through the territory of Belarus. The Minsk government continues to be accused of using the migratory weapon to exert pressure on the European Union. In addition, in September, the aforementioned authorities reported a total of 7,535 illegal crossing attempts, compared to 120 attempts recorded in 2020.

Poland has declared a state of emergency at the Belarusian border with the aim of blocking the irregular flow of migrants. Warsaw wants to build its wall on the border with Belarus. The government has decided to install a fence on the Belarusian border to stop what the Baltic countries call the retaliatory migration encouraged from Minsk following EU sanctions on Belarus.

Lithuania also approved on 11 August the construction of a fence on the border with Belarus with the aim of blocking the flow of migrants.